Sunday, October 25, 2009

Many Hats

Today I attended a full day training course run by Tracey Leak. "The Art of Home Based Business" covered all the topics that one needs to run a small business - marketing, finances, budgeting etc. etc. Tracey is a fun, energetic, friendly, happy, generous person who makes learning fun!!! She can tell you her story much better than I can. Check her out: (under construction)

One of my favourite parts of the course was doing an Organisational Chart - kinda funny for a one (wo)man show . . . Apparently I am the "owner", "manager", "operator" and the "team" - not to mention the fact that I am also responsible for marketing, finances and sales. I'm laughing (verging on the hysterical) as I think about it!!! Of course, as a FAB (family and business owner) type person I also wear a lot of other hats . . .

Yesterday I worked in the morning (dropping the children off at a friend's place on the way as my usual babysitter wasn't available) getting home just in time to get my children and myself dressed into costumes, packing the car and then heading off to the park to do a 6th birthday party for 45 people which included 20+ witches, ghosts, ghouls and monsters (no, not their personalities - it was a Halloween party). I had spent the week making toffee apples, marshmallow ghost ice cream cones, decorated biscuits, 50 monster cakes and making various trips to the shop for yet more goodies to add to the "trick or treat" lollie bag game. Yep, I'm nuts!!!

Now I don't tell you this to blow my own "horn" - quite the contrary - because on top of all of this the party wouldn't have happened without a number of people. Not just my friends who very kindly took on unpaid babysitting duties in the morning, but also Merry-Lou who (as always) provided enough food to feed an army. Aunts and uncles who blew up balloons, took photos, entertained and watched other people's children while also assisting with cleaning up at the end of the day and helping to pack the car . . . it was a group effort and something that is necessary for any parent (single or otherwise) who is trying to raise children and run their own business at the same time.

And so that I could attend today's course and learn how to better run my business, my Mum also looked after four of her Grandchildren so that their parents (her offspring) could do what they needed to do to better provide for their families. Like I said - its a group effort . . .

So, massive thanks to all those good people who assist me while I balance my FAB life - I couldn't do it without you! How about you? Who makes it possible for you to do what you have to do?

Remember - it's a FAB life!!!

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